Participating Artists

Open daily, 10am–5pm

Aspen Chapel Gallery
0077 Meadowood Drive
Aspen, CO 81611
Fax: 970-544-9297

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Use the Castle Creek Road exit from the roundabout to Meadowood Drive.

Participating Artists

HP Bloomer

John Cohorst

Erica Epperson

Angus Graham

Jessi Maddocks

Parker Maddux

Jennifer Outwater

Kat Rich

Madelyn Soldner-Sullivan

David Stassi

Thea Bent

Sue Drinker

Kathy Honea

Bill Gruenberg

Linda Koones

Art Phillips

Marina Romanov

Lloyd Schermer

Betty Weiss

Eli Weiss

Charlie Childress

Nancy Chromy

Kay Denton

Luke Klotz

Eric Knapp

Klaus Kocher

Jessica Lovett

Summers Moore

Jim Paussa

Dáša Baušová

Jessica Cerise

Susanne Clark

Liz Frazier

Marcia Fusaro

Jennifer Ghormley

Judy Hancock

Sandra Johnson

Trace Nichols

Jill Sabella

Mary Ballou

Staci Dickerson

Linda Drake

Wewer Keohane

Tammie Lane

Jan Panico

Patty Ringer

Jill Scher

Jennifer Sellers

Lisa Singer

Michael Bonds

Charlie Childress

Justin Donofrio

Lori Dresner

Lisa Ellena

Diane Kenney

Jill Oberman

Molly Peacock

Jay Phillips

Sara Ransford

Sheila Babbie

Charles Owen Bailey

Serena Blake

Dede Brinkman

Elisabet Rojas Capilla

Brian Colley

Nicole DeSimone

Staci Dickerson

Dana Higbie

Sam Louras

Mike Milota

Michael McConnell

Judy Milne

David Moore

Summers Moore

Kat Moser

Cate Tallmedge

Bill Weidman

Alison Zaino


Aspen Chapel GalleryAbout Us

Aspen Chapel Gallery was founded in 1985. The Gallery hosts nine unique exhibitions every year, representing a wide spectrum of artisitic mediums and featuring artists from the Roaring Fork Valley.

Please stop by and enjoy the work of these talented valley artists and enjoy one of Aspen’s best kept secrets!

Artwork is also available for purchase, with 20% of proceeds from sales going to the Aspen Chapel.

Open daily, 10am–5pm

Tom Ward & Carol Loewenstern, Directors
Izzy Zaino, Intern

2014 Shows
Date Show Curator
Jan 8–Feb 11 Nourishment Katie Van Deventer
Feb 19–March 30 Points of View Kathy Honea
Apr 2–June 1 Watercolors Corneilia Carpenter
June 4–July 13 Vintage—Photography Summers Moore
July 16–Aug 24 Works on Paper Jennifer Ghormley
Aug 27–Oct 12 Flock Lisa Singer
Oct 15–Nov 30 Ceramics Molly Peacock
Dec 3–Jan 4, 2015 Small Wonders Ada Christensen

If you have questions, or for additional information, please contact the Aspen Chapel at 970-925-7184. Find us on Google Maps.

Shows by Year: 2005-2015